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M&M’s All Year Round!

I was thinking about something unique I could give as a gift to friends this Christmas while I was munching on a handful of M&M’s when mid-crunch I realized I had a great idea!

I went to the M&M’s website and was SOLD! I was very impressed with all they had to offer and how easy it was to find your way around the site.

I am what you would call a “Christmas Junkie” and my eyes were drawn towards all the green, red, & white personalized M&M packs you could buy – they even have a page on their website where they list out all the different offers or discounts they are offering! There are many different ways you can customize your M&M’s depending on your own preferences: colors only; colors & words; or colors, words, & faces. This means you can upload that favorite Christmas, Wedding, or Baby photo and order a whole bag of edible mini-pics!

This is especially a great idea for your upcoming proposal, engagement party, bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, or anniversary.

Gentleman: A great proposal idea would be to order a bunch of red personalized M&M’s with the message “will you Merry Me?” and have one w

ord on a different m&m or the whole sentence on them all. Put them in a candy dish, special box, vase, or in something else that has special meaning to you both and give it to her as a gift. An added touch would be to put the ring jewelry box (with or without the ring) in the middle.

That’s just one idea…guys you can get creative with it:-)

Brides, if you are having a large wedding, if you order M&M’s in bulk it brings the cost way down and makes for a fun wedding favor – you could have different things about the both of you written on them or phrases like “We did it!” and “Mr. & Mrs.” or a simple “Thank You” for coming can be so fun for you and your guests and give it that touch of personality!

Had I thought of it for my wedding I would have definately played around with how I could have incorporated this personal, fun, & tasty idea.

My better half and I will have to settle with sending out our own personal mix with our Christmas Cards, after all, who doesn’t love getting chocolate in the mail?:-)

Make any event special with personalized MY M&M’S®

Carrol ThonenApril 8, 2010 - 10:54 am

I always enjoy reading your blog.

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